We offer sequenced packages of work with clearly defined deliverables at the end of each package. Each package is quoted separately to provide clarity and transparency. Your Tropical Home is responsible for the entire service provided, from inception up to the conclusion of each package.

Concept & Design

Concept & Design


Your Tropical Home is specialized in villa designs at any kind and size, whether large or small, commercial or private. Aesthetic value is at the heart of design. We design for both form and function, to appeal to our visual senses and create a meaningful experience.

We also design with a deep understanding of the impact on the environment when tbuilding. Our designs reduce energy consumption to create greater sustainability and minimize environmental impact.

We build so that the end product provides value-added for our clients – whether in the capital efficiency of a project, reducing ongoing operating costs, rental income potential, long-term resale value and a good return on investment.

Concept and Design services typically include:

  • Concept Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • IMB Drawings (required for building permit)
  • Design Development
  • Work Drawings

Research & Engineering

Research & Engineering


In close cooperation with the architects, the engineering department starts calculating all the needed parameters for the project.

You can see the project book at any time to view and review all aspects of the work plan and costs.

All calculations are performed according to international standards to which we add specific parameters for building in the tropics (humidity, termites, earthquake resistance, etc.). To achieve this we make use of award winning software such as AutoCAD and SAP.

Our services in regards to Research & Engineering typically include:

  • Civil / Structural Design & Analysis (calculations & drawings)
  • MEP Design & Drawings (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
  • Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
  • Research for implementation of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Topographical Survey
  • Depth Sounding
  • Soil Investigation
  • Water test laboratory reports

Project Management

Project Management


In choosing us, you avoid the hassle of sourcing reliable and capable contractors or having to deal with time-consuming organizational and bureaucratic issues.

We aim to ensure all work is completed on time and in accordance with all building regulations, budget and high quality standards.

Our Project Management Services typically include:

  • Appointment of the project team
  • Project planning
  • Financial control
  • Environmental advice
  • Tendering
  • Contract preparation
  • Project administration
  • On-site supervision
  • Quality control
  • Coordination of additions & deductions
  • Documentation of technical documents
  • Identification of areas of risk
  • Progress reports